eSpring Water Treatment System

The World´s Number One Home Water Treatment System

With eSpring you get the latest technology, combined with an elegant aesthetic design. Compact and modern, eSpring water treatment system has a combination of key aspects for a comprehensive system that offers unmatched performance and durability at an affordable cost. The eSpring ™ Water Treatment System is the best way to enjoy excellent quality water, coveniently and economically, while also contributing to a better world saving on plastics from bottled water.

**based on global sales 2012 research by Verify Markets


The world´s leading brand in sales of Water Treatment Systems for Home and Businesses

Our Water treatment System:

Find out how eSpring Water Treatment System works

Health Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

eSpring is the home water treatment system with more sales in the world in last 10 years. Listed below are some of the benefits of the eSpring water treatment system:


One of the main benefits of eSpring is the quality you can taste, see and smell when you treat the water. It gives a better taste and completely removes impurities, color and odors, leaving its characteristic qualities: absence of residues, transparency and clarity.


eSpring Water Treatment system can eliminate 99,9% pathogen viruses and bacteria. It can reduce effectively more than 160 contaminants, of which 140 are hazardous to your health.


This is the first home water treatment system to combine all these patented technologies in the European Union and the United States, compactly uniting a carbon filter along with a UV lamp, controlled through advanced electronic systems.


In addition to quality and technology, another benefit of eSpring water treatment system is the duration of your filter, with which you can filter with total guarantees up to to 5.000 liters of tap water, transforming it into pure water over a year. No other water treatment system in the market is capable of performing more than a year without changing filters.


One of the few systems that filters tap water without filling compartments or using jugs to store the filtered water, without wasting water. Few filters can provide that guaranteed purified water immediately for the whole family.


Certification makes eSpring the best water purifying system in the market with 4 NSF (National Safety Foundation) certifications and the seal of the Water Quality Association. These certifications provide the certainty and the guarantees that your water is safe for the whole family.

Enviromental Benefits of water treatment systems

Often it has been advised of the serious problem of the high consumption of bottled water.
Generated waste bottles plastic bottled water is a huge environmental problem.
According to a report of the LCA Life Cycle -Evaluation- dated to 2009- Amway, eSpring ecological water treatment system​ , during their lifecycle, used 99% less plastic bottled water, in calculating a volume of water equivalent.
Clean water is offered in an environmentally responsible manner helps, so recognized, to avoid an increasingly worrying problem worldwide.
Ecological water treatment systems eSpring offer a solution to this environmental concern.

ECO-nomic and ECO-Logical

eSpringTM treats up to 5,000 litres of water between filter changes, which meets an average family’s daily needs for a year. As a result, eSpringTM provides significant savings over time. And there’s no need to buy bottled water.

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